Projects of any size are varied and complex in multiple ways. We assist our clients from the very beginning. Many times we help clients determine which projects make sense to them through our Capital Needs Assessment process.


Once these long term needs are determined we help clients develop a full project planning outline. That outline includes bringing in the right team for the project. During the pre-construction phase we identify the needs of the project as it pertains to design architects, structural engineers, city planning review, and any potential environmental impacts. Once the team is identified we assist these experts and represent the owner at all times and help to keep project momentum moving forward.


Bear provides full project scope development for all phases of the project. We then work with the owners to assess qualified contractors who are capable of performing the project from beginning to end. We then engage these qualified contractors and begin the project discussions. As we move forward through the pre-construction phase we interview all contractors and perform due diligence and review previous project and interview former clients. Our goal is to match the best contractor for the project as it relates their ability to meet all licensing requirements, identify their specific project team, manage the project timeline requirements, work within a specific and limited budget outline, and ability to show a proven history of success in completing similar projects.


When the project starts we perform ongoing oversight of the project to ensure that our clients receive the work that they have paid for and expect. This includes reviewing the materials as outlined in the contract, reviewing and documenting via photographs the installation of all phases of the project, and answering ongoing questions as they relate to the project, contract, or unforeseen change orders. This approach is achieved through regular site visits and project meetings covering the full duration of the project. This consistent touch approach allows us to ensure that the clients needs are being addressed quickly and resolved to the clients expectations and desires. We feel this methodology of overseeing projects helps to avoid miscommunication, improper installation, delays waiting for approvals, and assists in best practices on a daily basis having a representative of the owner at the site regularly.