Our approach to Preventative Maintenance and long term Preservation is straight forward and based on over a decade of real world inspections, testing, modifications, and implementation.


We believe in focusing on those components that effect the daily operation of the property via the work order flow. Identifying interior issues such as manufacturer model numbers, installation dates, and historical usage and ongoing problems with specific components will help to predict the estimated remaining useful life. Once we determine which components may fail early or possibly beat their useful life estimates we can develop a realistic plan of action to implement specific maintenance protocols to either extend the life of each component or come to a determination that once the component fails they have met their expected life needs and the component should be replaced.


The exterior approach is focused on the large Capital components, not only concerning the building and envelope, but also site components such as parking lots, landscaping and accessibility. These exterior items will drive the expenses related to the long-term preservation plan and must be analyzed properly to capture not just what is seen, but to recognize red flags that may predict underlying conditions that could affect future repair or replacement scopes.


When it comes to planning many firms can build plans based off national averages and best-case scenarios. The reality is that limited budgets, limited site training, and deferred maintenance is a major factor in the ability of any plan to be put into action and followed to a successful completion. Our plans are designed to be clear, easily understandable, customizable, realistic, and verifiable. Our model can be taken a step further and become an historical record and resource for future site employees. Capturing and passing on institutional knowledge is a key to long term consistency. Lastly, our model can be used for specific maintenance and management training, to be sure technicians understand the protocols and explain the specifics the site staff should be keeping an eye out for as they operate and maintain the property moving forward. Most of our maintenance plan are still in use and many have been updated, copied, and shared throughout the industry as best practice.