We at BEAR look at the Owners Rep role as one of the most critical within any project team.  We are literally the owners’ eyes and ears in the field. We have a duty to hold contractors and installers accountable to the scope, the contract, and to the manufacturer’s installation requirements in order to retain warranties and ensure full useful life performance of any new component installation. How materials function individually or part of a larger waterproofing or cladding system as a whole determine whether a building’s envelope fails or succeeds. If subpar materials are used, or materials are not installed using the proper sequence, moisture can accumulate, creating serious structural damage, and affecting air quality and building safety. Identifying and solving these issues requires thorough oversight and analysis, as well as proven real world solutions. BEAR acts as a bridge between the owner/HOA and the contractor, subcontractor, supplier, tradespeople, management, and any other groups who may play a role during the project.  BEAR is there to absorb the drama, bring honest and timely updates to the owners, allow the owner to be as involved as they want to be and generally answer any project questions.  We also feel that with our neutral position our clients can use us to mediate, play the bad cop role, and even negotiate in certain instances in order to retain the relationship of the two parties within a contractual bond. We also provide recommendations and clear details to help contractors and installers sequence materials correctly from the start, in order to eliminating costly mistakes and future problems, document all change orders or items discovered that may fall outside of the contract, assist with project timelines and pay application approval.