We take an organic approach to building relationships preferring  to let them happen naturally in an environment of trust that is transparent and honest.

Building Evaluation And Reporting (B.E.A.R) is a Northwest based building consulting firm that specializes in residential structures. We believe that those who own, operate, and manage housing play a crucial role in the safety, habitability, equity, and wellbeing of our community.  As a baseline for stabilization and growth of each person and/or family, housing is a critical component that leads to building a better future for the society.  At BEAR we seek to assist these mission driven housing providers with the quality collection of real world data at all types of Multifamily Housing properties. 

It is the standardized collection and organization of this data that informs a better decision-making process for those who seek to preserve and add to the current housing options for our neighbors.  Our development, operations, and preservation background within the HOA and Multifamily housing industry in both the market rate and subsidized sectors gives us a unique perspective on the physical properties and the ability not only to collect specific property data, but to analyze and explain how these building components ultimately effect resident’s, owner’s, and other interest holders at these properties.  Our goal is to build long term relationships. We feel that long term consistency and oversite is the best approach to successful and long-term asset preservation.


We take a solution based natural approach to client relations.  Our philosophy is based on getting to know our clients and understanding their needs, vision, financial and preservation strategy before we review the physical properties. Understanding our clients vision and strategic goals for the property direct our approach so that we can customize the data collection process to meet each clients’ individual needs. Having a strong relationship throughout the lifecycle of a building or property is key to assisting with the long term preservation and financial objectives.



It is our responsibility to tell you the truth about your buildings (whether we get more work from that information or not).

It is our job to make your experience easier (rather than complicating things).



This is the opportunity for us to get to know each other personally and professionally.  We discuss the property, the portfolio, your objectives, your timelines, your expected use of any related reporting.

This is the physical review of the property where we assist with resident notifications, perform interior, exterior, crawl space, and site inspections to collect as much usable data as possible. This data will be critical to the decision making process for the client.
Once we deliver our reports we set a time with the client to review in detail the findings within the report, answer any questions, explain what the data is really telling us, help prioritize deficiencies and make real world recommendations and discuss any options that may be available pertaining to the property preservation objectives.
Our relationship’s don’t end at the delivery of the report. We help our clients take the data from the field reports and turn that data into actionable plans. Whether that is developing scopes for repair, estimating repair costs, selecting contractors, performing the bid acquisition process, performing project oversite and quality assurance are all phases of the relationship that we feel are critical to keep streamlined and consistent in order to bring a project to a successful completion within budget and on time.
Once large capital projects are complete there is still years and decades of life remaining at the property. The ongoing maintenance and preservation planning is critical for the useful life of the property and we assist clients for the long haul throughout the lifespan of the property.

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